Code Updates

Code update · January 30, 2019

New for Code by Zapier: Now Supporting Python 3.7

Code by Zapier allows you to run code in response to any trigger that Zapier supports. For example, you can use custom regular expressions to extract extra data like emails or tracking numbers from large text blobs, or you can make an extra API call to a different service more
Code mention · December 1, 2018

How to Use the Google Calendar API

Google Calendar is one of the most popular ways to manage events, meetings, holidays, and anything else you need to schedule. The Google Calendar API lets you add and update events automatically, so your computer manage your calendar for you! Here's everything you need to know about the Google more
Code mention · November 14, 2018

A Digital Agency Saves 30 Hours a Week Automating with ManyChat and Zapier

"Our profit increased when we started using Zapier."Mary Kathryn Johnson, Founder & CEO, Messenger Funnels Once upon a time, analyzing and reporting on data meant big daily exports, importing said data into a new application, and a lot of manual manipulation. It could take hours every single day more
Code mention · January 8, 2018

How a Consulting Agency Reduced Time Spent Creating Leads by 25%

Navigating a messy API and its documentation is a lot like Indiana Jones' search for the golden idol: One wrong move and you'll be outrunning a boulder. Some APIs have robust, updated documentation. Other APIs were hastily thrown together and have been jerry-rigged since. For account-based marketing firm obo. more
Code mention · October 9, 2017

How an eCommerce Business Saves 40 Hours Every Week with Automation

Thanks to smartphones, navigation systems live in your pocket with your handheld computer, instant messenger, camera, and phone. No more bulky GPS devices wired into your car's lighter and windshield mounts. Between Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps, you'll find your way wherever you're headed. But with so many more

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