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Launched on Zapier June 14, 2015

Zapier combines Triggers (like "Run Python") and Actions (like "Run Python") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Code Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Run Python

Use Python to kick off a workflow. You must return an array of objects. This is an advanced trigger!

Run Javascript

Use Javascript to kick off a workflow. You must return an array of objects. This is an advanced trigger! Uses Node 8.10.x.

Run Python

Run Python in response to data from trigger. This is an advanced action! Uses Python 2.7.

Run Javascript

Run Javascript in response to data from trigger. This is an advanced action! Uses Node 8.10.x.

  • Run Custom Code with the push of a Flic Button

    Program a Flic button to do just about anything. This Zap lets you pair custom code with Flic: you provide some Python or JavaScript, and each time you press the button this Zap will fire off that command.

    Note: This combination allows you to write your own Python or JavaScript to use in your Zap. That said, it's on the more difficult end of the technical spectrum.

    How It Works

    1. You press your Flic button
    2. Zapier receives that signal, and automatically runs your custom code

    What You Need

    • A Flic button
    • Some JavaScript or Python skills
  • Create new Salesforce leads from webhooks

    Do you use webhooks to collect potential customers' data and find yourself stuck pulling out the info, formatting it, and sending it on to Salesforce? Why not let Zapier do it all for you? With this Zap, you will instantly create new leads in Zapier from your webhooks—AND can use Javascript to customize it however you need.

    How this integration works:

    1. Webhooks with customer information are activated
    2. Zapier runs some Javascript that you write
    3. Zapier creates a lead in Salesforce

    Apps involved

    • Webhooks by Zapier
    • Code by Zapier—and some experience with Javascript
    • Salesforce
  • Use code to trigger your XY Find it finder

    Looking for a customizable way to trigger your finder? Try this integration. Once you set it up with some code, it will run according to program and beep your finder when you need it, guaranteeing you never lose your valuables again

    How this Code by Zapier-XY Find It integration works

    1. Zapier runs your Python code
    2. Zapier beeps your XY Find It Finder

    Apps involved

    • XY Find It
  • Run custom code and create sales invoices in Zoho Books when new records appear in Airtable views

    If you spend a lot of time taking Airtable records and splitting out the information manually for sales invoices, stop what you're doing and use this Zap! Zapier can build your Zoho Books sales invoices automatically—and will separate your data as needed with Code by Zapier.

    Note: Since this Zap uses Code by Zapier's 'Run Javascript' action, it will require knowledge of coding.

    How this integration works:

    1. New records in an Airtable view populate
    2. Zapier runs a bit of Javascript that you write
    3. Zapier creates new sales invoices in Zoho Books

    Apps involved

    • Airtable
    • Code by Zapier
    • Zoho Books
  • Add Recras invoices as Moneybird sales invoices

    Do you use Moneybird for accounting? Then this integration can add invoices to Moneybird once they are sent in Recras.

    Note: This integration has some more details on how to set it up here in documentation

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