When this happens...
ZendeskNew User
Then do this...
CMNTYCreate Invite

When new users are added into your Zendesk system, you may want a quick way to invite them to your customer community platform. Zapier offers an efficient method to invite new users to your CMNTY platform. Once activated, new CMNTY invites will be created automatically whenever new users are added to Zendesk.

How this Zendesk-CMNTY integration works

  1. A new user is created in Zendesk
  2. Zapier creates a CMNTY invite

Apps involved

  • Zendesk

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When this happens...
then do this!
New User

Triggers when a new user is created.

Create Invite

Create an entry in the invite table of your platform and send out the invitation.

New Ticket

Triggers when a new ticket is added to a view.

Give Points

Gives points to a member.

New User

Triggers when a new user subscribes to your community platform.

Attach File to Ticket

Attach a file to an existing ticket.

New Frozen User

Triggers when a user is frozen by a community manager.

Create User

Create a new user.

New Signed-Off User

Triggers when a user has left the community (signed-off).

Create Ticket

Create a new ticket.

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CMNTY is a tool to build an online collective around your idea, brand or company. Understand people’s motivations and plan your next move.

Zendesk is a web-based help desk support tool that makes it simple to provide great customer support.

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