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It starts with your projects, where you'll list the clients, projects, and tasks your team needs to work on. Then, as you team works, they can open ClickTime's timesheet or stopwatch view and log time directly for the project and task they're currently working on. Or, if they incur any expenses in the work, adding a quick expense report to the same task and projects only takes a few taps.

Pretty soon, you'll start to get a better overview of how your projects are coming along. The ClickTime dashboard will show an overview of your team and personal work, along with updates about projects and more. For a more detailed look at where your or the team's time is going, there's over 70 included reports or you can make your own to see where specific time slots are going or how many expenses you have in a particular area.

Or, you could just rely on ClickTime's smarts to help you plan. It includes a Project Insights feature that will help you see at a glance how profitable—or not—a current project is. You'll first set billing options for each team member or project's time, to know how much every hour spent on a project costs. Then, as time logs come in, ClickTime will pull them together, show you how much time and cost have been spent so far, and give your current profit margin for the project. You can then use those insights to budget future projects, or figure out where to improve your team's efficiency next time.

That tool works in tandem with the Workforce Management tools in ClickTime, which help you plan your schedule based on team members' availability. You can see your team's total time capacity, how much is currently utilized, and how much of your total budget is left. That way, you can plan future projects while knowing for sure your team will be able to handle the anticipated workload.

ClickTime can also import and export your data, to make working with other time tracking systems easy. There's advanced features like DCAA compliance in time sheets for government contract jobs, and audit trails so you'll know exactly when time sheets were edited and why.

When a plain timer and spreadsheet of expenses won't cut it, you need a tool that can help both track advanced team work stats and help you see the big picture from the data. That's what ClickTime can do, helping you know exactly where your time goes—and plan where it can go next.

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