Reload a ClicData table for new Smartsheet rows

When a row is added in Smartsheet you may want your ClicData dashboard to reflect these changes automatically. By implementing this integration, your ClicData table will reload whenever a new row is added to Smartsheet.

Note: This integration will use a data refresh each time it is triggered, please be aware of your allocated monthly refresh allowance.

How this Smartsheet-ClicData integration works

  1. A Smartsheet now is added
  2. Zapier reloads the relevant table in your ClicData account

Apps involved

  • Smartsheet
  • ClicData
Reload a ClicData table for new Smartsheet rows
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Smartsheet is an intuitive online project management tool enabling teams to increase productivity using cloud, collaboration, and mobile technologies.

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ClicData is a business intelligence platform that lets you centralize and organize your data in one place and publish beautiful dashboards automatically.

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