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Dig in, though, and you'll find out that it has some unique features under the surface. They're more complicated than paper and spreadsheets, sure, but they're also more powerful.

Simpler CRMs typically are focused on your contacts, and Clevertim's no different. It'll let you import contacts from a variety of services, or you can add a new contact or company just by entering their name. You can add more info if you want, but you don't have to—the only thing you're required to add is a contact's name. Then, if you want to go further, there's space to add any info you want about them, including custom fields and space for relevant emails you've forwarded to Clevertim.

Getting in touch with your contacts is easy in Clevertim. Click your Contacts tab, and you'll see a quick overview of all of your contacts' info. You can start an email or grab a contact's phone number without having to click through to their profile. Or, click their profile and you can send them an email or SMS right from the app.

There's more, too. You can add tasks—either about your contacts specifically or just stuff that you and your team need to do—and track cases and opportunities with your contacts. While not as powerful as advanced lead & deal centric CRMs, there's power enough to handle simple deals. You also won't find as advanced of sales reports, but there are customizable reports that make it easy to, say, find all contacts in a particular city.

Everything in Clevertim is quickly accessable from the top menu, where you can add new contacts or tasks from the dropdown or search through your notes from the search box (which, oddly, doesn't search through the rest of your CRM data). Then, if you're away from your browser, you can also use Clevertim's Email Dropbox tool to add anything you want via email. You can forward emails to attach them to a contact, or even make new cases or tasks for today or tomorrow with specific email addresses.

And then, if you've dug this far through Clevertim, you'll surely have noticed Clevertim's best feature: it's fast. It may take longer to open than other apps, but once you have it open in your browser, everything's incredibly fast. Click a contact, and it instantly opens. Switch to the Tasks tabs, and your tasks will be there automatically. The only time you'll see it pause is when it's generating a report, and even then it'll be instant again when you click items from that report.

It may be an online app, but having everything preloaded in your browser makes it as fast to use as any native app. You can even open Clevertim, then disconnect from the internet and continue to use it. You won't be able to add new data, but you could easily view anything that's already been added to your CRM.

Simplified contacts overview, smart email tools, and a web app that's all but a native app. Turns out, Tim's pretty clever indeed.

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