Clearbit Updates

Clearbit update · November 14, 2017

Updates to Our Clearbit Integration: Use Zaps to Find Company Domains by Name

Clearbit recently launched a new Name to Domain API, which takes a company name and returns the corresponding website domain and logo. This is handy for unlocking enriched data from new contacts in your CRM, user database, or anywhere you're logging the companies your customers are associated with. With more
Clearbit mention · March 3, 2017

How to Save Hours on Lead Research with Clearbit and Zapier

What would your marketing team do with an extra 16 man hours per week? This was a fortunate discovery that a previous employer of mine came across after discovering how to automate their lead research process, how they found potential new customers. We had very specific criteria for which more

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Clearbit is a data API that lets you enrich your person and company records with social, demographic, and firmographic data.

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