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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated June 30, 2017

A picture's worth a thousand words—and you don't have time to type a thousand words. Team chat, for all its benefits, often making you type more than you planned. One quick message turns into a dozen, and before you know it you've wasted a half hour talking about random things.

Cisco Webex Teams is a team chat app that keeps you focused on clear communications with the right tool for everything you need to say. Just have a quick message? Its standard team chat and direct messages might be enough. Trying to explain a new design idea or product concept? Pull out Webex Teams's Whiteboard app and sketch it up, without having to type anything. And jump on a call with your team when it's easier to explain yourself in person.

Hidden way in the app menu on the right are all the tools you need to work with your team. You can schedule a meeting, start a call with up to 3 people (or up to 200 with its premium plans), and share files or whiteboard drawings. Start a new one to get a virtual blank slate where you can sketch your ideas—most easily on Webex Teams's mobile apps, or with Cisco's Webex Board hardware.

Calls work the way you want. Built around Cisco's telecommunications platforms including WebEx video conferencing and Cisco's phone hardware, Cisco Webex Teams is designed to let you call with your team when that makes more sense than writing your ideas out. The in-app calls are quick and simple, letting you switch devices and apps to take the call on the go without leaving and re-joining a meeting. And, if your company has Cisco phone and conference hardware, you can add them to Webex Teams meetings to bring in the whole team.

But for quick updates and idea sharing, text chat is still a great communications tool. Cisco Webex Teams lets you group your conversations into teams and spaces—or you can start a private chat with anyone, or jump on the phone with them from the dedicated calling tab. The text chat is simple, focused just on your team's message, shared files, and whiteboard drawings—no threaded replies or extra message features. You can flag messages, though, to save them for later in a group you can easily review.

If your team needs a simple way to chat and sketch ideas, along with quick call tools, Cisco Webex Teams is a great place to start. It's not as full featured—or as confusing—as many other team chat apps, making it easier for large teams to start using.


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Originally published June 30, 2017; updated May 25, 2018 with new Cisco Webex Teams branding

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