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Recurring billing, SaaS subscription management, automated communication, and market intelligence.

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CheddarGetter Features

  • Add products and subscriptions to track with CheddarGetter
  • Process payments with built-in payment gateway, or use, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal and more
  • Offer micropayments for bulk billing of smaller fees combined with flat rates
  • Hosted payment pages or use API to integrate with your site
  • Dynamic dashboard gives quick glance at your core stats focused on subscription metrics
  • Customize hosted pages and emails to fit your branding

CheddarGetter Pricing

  • $9/month PayPal Only plan for core features and PayPal payments
  • $79/month plus 20¢ per transaction Blowing Up plan for full features and built-in credit card processing

Free Developer account available for building and testing integration

Last updated August 1, 2016. Please visit the official site for the most up-to-date information.

CheddarGetter Review

You've got stuff to sell, in a subscription, but you need flexible plans that fit your customers' needs exactly. Perhaps you want billing plans that run on custom time periods, or maybe you want to use subscriptions to roll together micro-transactions throughout the month into one bill.

That and more is possible with CheddarGetter. As a subscription service that includes its own payment processing options along with deep PayPal integration, you can add your products, setup payment forms, and start accepting payments in minutes.

Start out by running through CheddarGetter's Quick Setup, which walks you through each step of setting up your subscriptions. You'll add payment plans, with a name, price, and billing period—or can dive into advanced settings to tweak extra settings. Then, choose your billing solution for this set of subscriptions—using CheddarGetter's own credit card processing, PayPal, or 3rd-party payment processors like Stripe—and choose if you want to accept payments through CheddarGetter's API or its hosted payment forms. With that done, you can go live, getting your new subscription pages online in minutes.

If you're in a bit less of a hurry, you can tweak more of your CheddarGetter settings to make everything work the way you want. In your subscription plans, you can set specific payment intervals, or switch to a custom product with a one-time payment. Or, you can add metered plans that track items your customers use—perhaps articles read or coins spent—and then bill them for everything in a lump payment at the end of the month. Then, you can customize your payment form fields and return locations—to send customers to the right part of your site after they pay.

Want to drive more customers to your products? Use CheddarGetter's Promotions feature to add coupons that can run forever or for a limited time. Or, tweak your email notifications to send the messages you want—and tweak everything about each message—to remind customers when their credit card expires or bills are due.

You'll then need to manage your customers and track your revenue, which you can do from the Customers tab. You can drill through each customer and payment, see their complete history, add notes about a specific customer—perhaps to note why you gave them a discount—and refund payments if needed.

Back on your dashboard, you'll see details about every part of your business with graphs and charts that are focused on subscription metrics like monthly recurring income and churn. Each product has its own dashboard, so you can see how different products' subscriptions are performing on their own. And if you want to customize anything on your dashboard, just click the gear icon to tweak what's shown.

CheddarGetter pulls everything you need for a successful subscription or metered business together into one app. You won't have to worry about building payment forms or deciding which payment gateway to use—just add your products and plans through its setup tool, and you'll be ready to sell subscriptions in minutes.


Reviewed by Matthew Guay, Zapier. Last updated August 1, 2016.

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