Send the daily weather forecast to a Chatfuel bot

Have a local community and want to keep everyone in the loop on the daily weather forecast? Zapier can help you there, by sending the daily weather through to your Chatfuel bot. No one will ever be surprised by the weather again!

Note: This integration relies on previously set up Chatfuel bots. You'll need to run the /botkey command on your chosen bot to get the API key used to associate it with this Zap.

How It Works

  1. You select your local weather in Zapier
  2. Zapier sends the daily forecast to your Chatfuel bot

What You Need

  • Chatfuel account
Send the daily weather forecast to a Chatfuel bot
Weather by Zapier integration logo

Trigger off weather conditions in your local area. (Powered by Dark Sky)

Chatfuel for Telegram integration logo

Chatfuel allows anyone to create their own bots on Telegram Messenger, without coding. Automatically send broadcasts to all your bot subscribers. (Chatfuel was previously known as Paquebot.)

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