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Facebook unveiled Messenger bots earlier this year, so you can code your own chat-based apps that share info with followers and use AI to chat automatically right inside Messenger. You could code your own bot—or you could use Chatfuel, which lets you build a Messenger bot in minutes without any coding.

You'll start out by creating a new bot, and either connecting it to your Facebook Page (where the bot will chat with your page's avatar and name) or creating a new app on Facebook for your bot (which will take a few days for Facebook to approve). Then, you'll get a boilerplate Messenger bot automatically, one that says Hi to new followers and shares some demo text from Chatfuel.

That's where you'll dive in to build your bot. Chatfuel lets you customize a welcome message that new chatters will see, along with menu buttons for people to tap and get quick info about your firm. Say you want to share your company location, website, and business hours—you could add a button for each one, then add a Text card in Chatfuel with the info you want to share. Want to include your products or perhaps a menu for your restaurant? Add a Gallery with multiple images, descriptions, and links, or a plain Image card with a simple photo (an easy way to share your map).

That'll let your bot give people quick info inside Messenger, but it won't appear particularly smart. For that, you'll jump to the Set up AI tab to add words and phrases you want Chatfuel to recognize. Add "Hello" and "hi", say, and Chatfuel will recognize both of those words along with other common greetings, say, as meaning the same thing. You can then choose one of the blocks you've made before as the response, and Chatfuel will send it to the chatter when they type that phrase. Tweak your phrases and add cards for the things your contacts are most likely to ask about—even plain text cards with quick answers to fun questions, say—and your bot will suddenly seem to be smart.

Want to make your bot more like an app, one that shares info automatically and lets your customers get in touch directly with your team? There are cards for that, too. With the Plugins card, you can connect to other apps with Chatfuel integrations, automatically posting new pictures from your Instagram account or letting users search through your site with Google right from Chatfuel. You can also add a Broadcast card to send a message to all of your bot's chatters on Messenger, or send a form to let people get in touch, run a survey, or anything else you want.

Once your bot's all built, you can add a Message Us button to your site, or promote your bot directly on your Facebook Page so visitors will know they should try out your bot. And back in Chatfuel, you can dig into your stats to see how many followers your bot has—and what your chatters are interested in most.

Bots are a great way to build simple apps, and with Chatfuel, you can build your own bots for Facebook Messenger without any coding. It's a simple way to build a text-based app, one with just enough AI to feel smart.

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Chatfuel Pricing

  • Free for full bot features with up to 100k conversations/month

  • Contact Chatfuel team for bots with over 100k conversations/month

Chatfuel Features

  • Add a Messenger bot to your Facebook Page or App

  • Add content cards and share it with followers automatically

  • Script interactive conversations and use AI to recognize user answers to provide the appropriate response

  • Gather information inside Messenger chats with forms

  • Let users request info and interact with your bot with buttons

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