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Start out by adding your site to Chargify—and if you have more than one site or app, you can add them too and manage them each in their own Chargify page. There, you'll see a quick overview of your revenue, subscriber count, recent performance and activity, and more. That is, once you've added your subscriptions and started accepting payments for your products. First, you'll need to add those products to Chargify.

Instead of just setting up subscriptions in Chargify, everything is deeply organized to help you keep track of everything even if you sale a wide number of products. You'll split your sites or apps into their own Chargify pages, then add product families to each site. Under each, you can list your products and add components and coupons that are used across the product family.

Say you're selling a snack box subscription, and you want to offer monthly or quarterly subscriptions—and also offer coffee beans for an extra fee, along with a coupon for people who've purchased your other products. You'd add a Snack Box product family, then a Monthly and Quarterly Subscription product, a Coffee component that customers can optionally add to their order, and a coupon code with the discount for your loyal customers.

You can add a new product just with a name and monthly price in a second, or click the advanced options to add a trial period (with free or cheaper pricing), a setup fee, along with optional shipping address or sales tax fields. Need metered billing, perhaps to charge $10 per TB of storage or $5 per snack item? You can add that too in Chargify. When customers select what they want—complete with any add-on components or quantities—Chargify will show them the total price they'll be charged today as well as what they'll be charged on the next billing cycle so they won't be confused by trials, discounts, or setup fees.

Once your product info is all set, it's time to start selling your subscriptions. Just add your subscriptions to your site with Chargify's API, or use its self-service pages for a simple way to signup without any code. Then, you can view each customer, transaction, and subscription in Chargify, drilling down into each time they've paid you and the subscriptions or components they used each time. Need to send a refund, or manually add a new customer? You can do both in Chargify, along with emailing customers to ask them to update payment info, or logging an external payment you might have received in cash or check.

You'll be able to keep tabs on your sales stats from the dashboard—or, you can dig deeper in the Analytics tab. There, you can get quick reports on lifetime value, churn rates, and more. Or, you can download .csv spreadsheet files to analyze on your own.

Subscription billing doesn't have to be so complicated, and with Chargify, you can easily create customizable subscriptions for your products that work great for you and your customers.

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Chargify Pricing

  • $149/month Basic plan for 500 paying customers and 1k non-paying customers, and PayPal, ACH, and Credit Card billing

  • $199/month Plus plan for 500 paying customers, invoicing, analytics, and app integrations

  • $499/month Pro plan for 2k paying customers, high priority support, and team member access controls

  • Enterprise pricing available

Additional customers $0.69 each on Basic and Plus plans, $0.49 each on Pro plan. Payment gateway fees—which average 2.9% + $0.30—are not included in plan pricing.

Chargify Features

  • Manage subscriptions and one-time billing in one app

  • Create fine-tuned subscription plans with add-ons, variable usage fees, and metered billing

  • Referral tools to incentivize customers to share your products

  • Welcome customers with customized onboarding emails

  • View finance stats in internal dashboards or export in CSV format

  • Use a variety of payment gateways, including Stripe,, Braintree and more, or record checks and offline payments

  • Upgrade or downgrade customers via dashboard

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