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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated August 8, 2016

Ever wonder which of your customers signed up because of a recent marketing effort? Perhaps that's easy enough to track with online sales, with analytics and custom product forms for each marketing campaign. But when a new customer sets up an account over the phone or in your office, you'll want to track that customer along with the others who signed up from the same promotion.

ChargeOver is a recurring billing system that's built for filtering through and exporting your data to find little bits of info like that. You can setup campaigns to track your marketing efforts, and add that and other details to new customers' info when they signup for your services. Then, when you look over your customer list, you can filter subscriptions and customers by any element, to see your highest paying customers or those with an outstanding bill at a glance.

Or, jump over to the Report Center, where each report is a similar spreadsheet-style list of info about your customers, summarized by the report you selected. You can download a full copy of the data from any of those views in a spreadsheet format, or click the Schedule button to get a copy of the report emailed to your team on the schedule you want. Or, with ChargeOver integrations including deep connections with Xero and QuickBooks, you can sync your sales data to your accounting tools to make sure you always have the data you need.

Of course, you'll first need to list your payment plans in order to get customers. ChargeOver supports any type of subscription plan you need. You can bill a standard flat price per month, charge a one-time setup fee, or set a custom billing period. Free trials are based on that billing period, so if you charge by month, your customers will get a free month trial by default. Or, you can bill by units or volume with metered usage—great for micro transactions—or with tiered pricing with one price for the first chunk of usage, and another price for the next level. And if you want to make a limited subscription—say for a 3 month course—then you can set the max number of billing cycles. You can then add those subscriptions to your site with ChargeOver's API, or use its hosted forms to let customers sign up for your services and manage their plans on their own.

Then, you'll need to gather payments for your products. ChargeOver supports a wide variety of credit card payment processing services, or you can use its own ACH payments for bank transfers. Or, you can log payments by hand for cash and check payments. With each one, you can prorate billing, set special payment terms including net 30 or due on receipt, and add notes about each transaction.

Building a subscription business isn't easy, and you'll still have a tough job bringing in customers. But when you need data about your customers and are trying to figure out which marketing campaigns or subscription plans are working the best, ChargeOver makes it easy to find that info and more.

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ChargeOver Features

  • Create customized recurring billing plans for subscriptions, flat rate items, metered billing, installment plans, and more
  • Organize customers by the campaign that led them to signup, then market to that set of customers with emails
  • Accept credit card payments with a variety of payment processors, or accept direct bank transfers and log cash and check payments
  • Sync your payment data to accounting tools like Xero and QuickBooks

ChargeOver Pricing

  • $65/month Starter plan for up to 50 customers
  • $115/month Basic plan for up to 150 customers
  • $299/month Professional plan for up to 500 customers
  • Custom Commercial plan pricing available

Plans do not include payment processing fees from payment providers.

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