Import new Capsule CRM organizations as TimeCamp projects

Keeping your tracking information updated with the latest CRM data means you don't have to enter the same info twice. Let Zapier handle that with this integration. It will trigger automatically for every new organization you add on Capsule CRM, copying its information into TimeCamp so a project can be created for it, ready for you to gather your time tracking when you need it.

How this Capsule CRM-TimeCamp integration works

  1. A new organization is created on Capsule CRM
  2. Zapier will import it as a project into your TimeCamp account, allowing you to track time on it

Apps involved

  • Capsule CRM
  • TimeCamp
Import new Capsule CRM organizations as TimeCamp projects
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Capsule CRM is a hosted CRM for keeping tack of your clients and prospects online. Add tasks, track communication logs, and close deals in your pipeline faster with Capsule CRM.

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TimeCamp helps you and your team to track time. Automatic time-tracking software that tracks websites and applications usage, projects and helps you understand how your time is spent.

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