Campfire Updates

Campfire mention · March 24, 2015

How to Avoid Burnout When Working for a Remote Team

Working remotely is a wonderful thing. It allows you to work when it's best for your schedule, giving your teammates and company the chance to have your best work. It also lets you call your own shots, leaving you more creative, happier, and healthier (hello no germs spreading more
Campfire update · May 25, 2013

Tweet Message in Campfire

In addition to regular text, pastes and sound, Zapier now supports tweet embedding in Campfire! Just select the proper type as well as the direct tweet URL in the body!read more
Campfire update · February 8, 2013

Added Sound Support to Campfire

You can now trigger sounds inside Campfire by choosing the message type "Sound" and typing a sound name into the message box. A few examples: "rimshot", "trombone", "crickets". To see a complete list of sounds scroll to the bottom of this page. Check out the Campfire more

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Campfire is 37Signals group chat application. It allows you to share files, images, code and more right within the chat window. Transcripts are saved automatically so you can always refer back to conversations at a later time.