Get messages on Campfire for new Scout Monitoring alerts

So you want to know the minute something happens with your server, but can't afford the time to keep checking for yourself? We're happy to lend a hand with this Scout Monitoring Campfire integration. After it's been set up, any new Scout Monitoring alert will trigger it, automatically sending a message to your Campfire room so that you can keep working with the confidence you'll be able to react to any and all important events.

How It Works

  1. A new alert is triggered on Scout Monitoring
  2. Zapier automatically sends a Campfire message

What You Need

  • Scout Monitoring account
  • Campfire account
Get messages on Campfire for new Scout Monitoring alerts
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Scout is a hosted server monitoring solution. Scout collects a wide variety of server and application metrics (server load, memory usage, network throughput, and much more), and alerts you based on specified thresholds and trends.

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Campfire is 37Signals group chat application. It allows you to share files, images, code and more right within the chat window. Transcripts are saved automatically so you can always refer back to conversations at a later time.

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