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Campaign Monitor update · February 14, 2017

New for Campaign Monitor: Use Zaps to Find Existing Subscribers

Keep your email list up-to-date, based on your existing subscribers' latest activities. Whether your subscribers just submitted feedback, opened an email, or made a purchase, Zapier can now automatically find them in Campaign Monitor then auto-update their records. With recently updated Campaign Monitor records, you'll be able to more
Campaign Monitor mention · November 17, 2015

Build a Prototype Without Code: Rely on Apps, Integrations and APIs

Creating something new takes time. A lot of time. The idea might come in a flash, but turning it into a product with customers and revenue takes far, far longer. Unless you have the right process in place. When Richard Eastes came up with the idea for his lawnmowing-on-demand more
Campaign Monitor update · October 19, 2015

New Trigger and Actions For Campaign Monitor Transactional Emails

At Zapier, we're big believers in the power of email marketing. So much so, we even wrote a book about it, The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing. One aspect of email marketing is becoming more and more important: transactional email. With those types of emails, you can send more
Campaign Monitor mention · February 6, 2015

Email Marketing List Hacks

There's a service that 92% of online adults use, with 61% of them using it daily for an average of 13 hours weekly. This service has click-through rates that are 6-times better than social networks, and on average it sees a 94% return on investment. The service is more
Campaign Monitor mention · January 27, 2015

Experts Weigh In: 21 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Send plain text emails. lowercase every word in the subject line. Always put the call to action as a text link and a button link. Successful email marketing tactics are spread across the web. But even with ample resources available and advanced email marketing software, mistakes are regularly made. more
Campaign Monitor mention · January 21, 2015

How to Segment Email Lists for More Opens, Click-Throughs and Conversions

Reports of email's death are greatly exaggerated. Every month a new email-killing product comes along, and every month my Gmail inbox continues to swell with product updates, company news and coupon codes. Heck, those email-killers use email to teach me how their apps work. Take social media: it more
Campaign Monitor mention · January 15, 2015

A/B Test Your Email Marketing

A/B testing. The phrase itself sounds complicated and time-consuming—something that can really wait for another day. But it doesn't need to be that way. Modern web tools, like the 25 email marketing apps we recently reviewed, are often equipped with features that make A/B testing ( more
Campaign Monitor mention · January 9, 2015

The 25 Best Email Marketing and Newsletter Apps

Stuff's happening, and you want to tell everyone about it. That might have required paying for a newspaper ad, publishing a press release, or printing and mailing a flyer in the past. Today, though, reaching your customers and contacts is as easy as clicking a button in an more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated September 3, 2015

Plain text emails get your message across, but they won't catch anyone's eye. For that, you'll need a well-designed email that's unique to your brand and looks equally beautiful across every device. You could just use an email template that looks good enough, but Campaign Monitor is designed around the idea that you'll want to go much further with your email's design.

Campaign Monitor says it was "built from the ground up for creative professionals," and that focus shows throughout the entire product. Instead of the standard focus on email lists and contact forms, Campaign Monitor focus sending campaigns in as few steps as possible, and making sure those emails look great. Its email tool helps you create beautiful email templates in a few steps, and then quickly use those templates to send newsletters and drip emails to your contacts—or manage those templates and lists for your clients.

But first things first: sending emails. The most prominent button in Campaign Monitor is a green Create a new Campaign button in the right sidebar. You’ll see it when you first login to Campaign Monitor and are looking at your dashboard with stats from your recent campaigns, as well as in your email campaign lists page. Click that, and you’ll be asked to add a name to your campaign, add the name and email the list will be sent from, and choose whether it’s a regular campaign or an A/B test, or an RSS feed that’s automatically sent out via email.

Then it’s off to the designer, where you’ll be able to pick from some of Campaign Monitor’s pre-made email templates, or make your own email design in minutes. The simplest way is to select a premade template. You’ll be able to see variants others have made, and then can open and edit it on your own. There’s content blocks to arrange your text and images in popular ways, simple font and color options, and more. Everything can be dragged-and-dropped into the order you want, and you can even drag an image from your desktop into the email editor. Or, if you’d rather, you can code your own HTML template using Campaign Monitor’s email template code snippets.

Then, you’ll add your email content right inside the template editor, so you can see how everything will look once the email’s sent. Once you’re done, you can preview the email as it’ll look on desktop and mobile, and make sure everything looks great. Your template will be saved to use again next time—or with your next campaign, you could choose a new template that’s perfect for that message. Your choice.

See, with Campaign Monitor, you have your lists of contacts, and then send one-off emails to those contacts with each campaign. Once you’ve finished your design (or picked an existing one) and added the content for that email, you’ll select the list you want the email sent to. That email will then be sent out, and next time, you’ll make a new campaign to send the next email. It’s a bit different from the standard email lists where you feel like you’re running a continuous campaign; in Campaign Monitor, RSS-powered campaigns are the only ones that keep going ad infinitum. Everything else is one-time emails to your lists, in beautiful templates.

You can even use those same templates to send emails from your own website and apps, via Campaign Monitor's new transactional email feature. Using Campaign Monitor's API, you can send bulk messages from your own apps or website to welcome new users, send receipts and shipment info, and more directly from Campaign Monitor. You'll use the same templates and email plan to send every message your business needs to send—transactional, drip, and marketing.

There’s more, though. Campaign Monitor also includes tools to easily add contacts via forms, bulk import, and social networks, and it’ll build profiles about your subscribers so you’ll know more about them. You can even automatically send out campaigns to new subscribers—or any subscribers when a certain event happens—using its auto-responders, and can personalize emails to each contact. And, there’s the aforementioned option to sell your email templates; you can white label Campaign Monitor, add your logo and designs to it, and sell it to your clients so they can get emails that match the site you designed for them.

For a simple way to send emails to all of your contacts, manually or automatically, and make sure your emails look great, Campaign Monitor’s a great option. Email list apps are a crowded field, and yet Campaign Monitor’s focus on design helps it stand out and makes it an email tool you’ll want to use.

Originally published January 2, 2015; updated June 28, 2018 with new screenshots and details.

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Campaign Monitor is an email marketing tool built for designers. Campaign Monitor makes it easy to send beautiful emails, manage lists and subscribers, and track the results of your campaigns.