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CallTrackingMetrics mention · October 2, 2014

Go All-In-One: 10 CRMs with Awesome Marketing Automation Features

Your potential customers are only potential customers for a fleeting period of time. They'll visit your site, perhaps try out your app, check out your menu or look through the services you offer. But if they get bored, can't decide what they need, or just don't more
CallTrackingMetrics update · April 23, 2013

Get Analytics for Your Phone Campaigns with Call Tracking Metrics

Having insights into what is happening with your sales calls is not an easy task. Who are your customers? Why did they call? What did they call about again? Call Tracking Metrics solves this by letting you know exactly who is calling and how they found you at the more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated October 15, 2014

Gather leads and following up via email is great for online businesses where people will discover your business online. It’s far less of an asset for brick-and-mortar businesses where people are more likely to discover your business by walking in the door or calling your phone number. If your business is one that needs the personal touch of phone calls, but you’d still like a better way to keep track of your customers and followup with them, Calltrackingmetrics has been designed with you in mind.

Built entirely around phone marketing, Calltrackingmetrics lets you run your marketing campaigns online and offline just with a phone number. For businesses where the personal touch is needed—say, a law office, dental clinic, or even a baker or flourish where your potential customers will want to talk with a real person and make sure they’re getting exactly what they want—a phone number is much more likely to get people to actually get in touch than a website.

The only problem is, you know far less about customers who call in than you do about customers who click your ads online. If someone clicks an ad, you’ll see in your analytics which ad they clicked, where they were located, and even if they’re on their phone or desktop. Calltrackingmetrics gives you much of the same power with phone calls. You can use a different number with each of your ad campaigns and search results, so it can detect exactly which ad the potential customer saw or what they were looking for. It’ll then route the call to the correct agent and log the entire interaction. That’ll give you a rich overview of what that customer is looking for, right when you’re talking to them on the phone.

You’ll end up with so much data about your calls that you’ll be able to optimize your ads based on which one got the most calls, and hone your pitch for different campaigns. Or, you can let your customers give you even more data by creating IVR menus in Calltrackingmetrics to let you know more of what they’re looking for, or perhaps enter their zip code so you can route their call to your location nearest to them. You can then record calls and track them for keywords to know what’s being talked about and how to improve your sales calls.

There’s enough features in Calltrackingmetrics to help you know who you should followup with and what you should talk about, along with the reports you’ll want to see how your team’s performing. If that’s not enough, you can integrate it with other CRMs to have a better way to track your deals and automate other parts of your marketing.

If your business is driven by phone calls, and you’re looking for a better way to get info out of your calls automatically and put together a phone system for your team, Calltrackingmetrics is an interesting app that’s ready to get to work for your phone marketing.

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