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CallTrackingMetrics mention · October 2, 2014

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CallTrackingMetrics update · April 23, 2013

Get Analytics for Your Phone Campaigns with Call Tracking Metrics

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Hayley Campbell
Written by Hayley CampbellLast updated June 14, 2019

Giving your customers a positive experience with your customer service center takes more than just reducing on-hold wait times and connecting them with pleasant customer service representatives. To win them over, you need to know your customers intimately and respond quickly to their needs, wants, and expectations. And doing that requires data.

That's where CallTrackingMetrics comes in. As an all-in-one call tracking and contact center solution, its platform helps you gather, organize, and analyze data from inbound calls to create the personalized experiences your customers crave.

To get started, use CallTrackingMetrics to track inbound calls and texts from around the globe. Simply select a phone number for each of your campaigns and enter the number you'd like all calls routed to. When the phone rings, your account will automatically receive details on your callers, including their geolocation, phone number, and the specific marketing campaign that prompted their call.

CallTrackingMetrics also allows you to view a caller's interaction with your website. Pinpoint keywords searched, identify the referring URL, and see which pages your customers viewed while on your site. CallTrackingMetrics will store this information for you, making it easy to follow your callers throughout the customer journey and tailor your interactions to meet their needs.

Beyond the hard facts and figures, CallTrackingMetrics also enables you to deeply understand your customers, by leveraging its HIPPA-compliant software to record conversations between your representatives and your customers. With audio in hand, you and your team can revisit calls, identify areas of improvement, and modify your customer service practices to enhance the overall customer experience.

Once you've collected your customer data, you can bring your marketing efforts full circle by using CallTrackingMetrics' analytics reports to determine which marketing campaigns and channels were the most successful. This holistic picture of your customers and marketing efforts will help you put your focus on replicating the ads that worked and phasing out those that didn't.

Best yet, CallTrackingMetrics is designed to scale with your business, allowing you to maintain a consistent marketing strategy as your business grows. Whether you're running a small business or trying to manage a global contact center remotely, CallTrackingMetrics has the tools you need to take care of your customers. The result? Happier reviews, higher retention, and increased sales.

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