Create New Zoho CRM Leads from CallTrackingMetrics Calls

When you receive an inbound call, you often want to log that customer as a lead in your CRM. Use this zap to create a new lead in Zoho CRM when you receive a new call in CallTrackingMetrics.

How It Works

  1. Zapier watches CallTrackingMetrics for new calls
  2. When a CallTrackingMetrics call is received, Zapier adds the caller details to Zoho CRM as a new lead

What You Need

  • CallTrackingMetrics account
  • Zoho CRM account
Create New Zoho CRM Leads from CallTrackingMetrics Calls
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CallTrackingMetrics provides call tracking, advanced routing, reporting and analytics to businesses around the globe. Optimize online and offline marketing campaigns with enhanced customer profile data, and intelligently route calls based on demographics. Increase sales conversions and boost agent performance—with a single tool.

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Zoho makes it easy to get the complete picture of your sales cycle and stay on top of your business opportunities. Never lose another lead again.

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