Click Qmote to send SMS via Call Loop

Miss the old-school template SMS? Wanna reach out to your top contacts quickly and easily? This easy automation provides you a new way to send pre-written texts whenever and wherever you want.

How It Works

  1. Click Qmote with a predefined click pattern
  2. Zapier sends a text to the number you set via Call Loop

What You Need

  • Qblinks Cloud account
  • Call Loop account
Click Qmote to send SMS via Call Loop
Qblinks Qmote integration logo

Qblinks Qmote is a smart remote button which works with your phone, providing an intuitive way to perform actions when your phone is out of reach or when you want to control it from a distance. Qmote makes smart home automation easy.

Call Loop integration logo

Call Loop lets you automatically send customized & personalized voice and sms text messages to your contacts.

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