When this happens...
CalendlyInvitee Canceled
Then do this...
BurnerCreate Outbound Text

Schedules change, but with this automation you won't be caught unaware. After you set up this integration, Burner will send a text message when a Calendly invitee cancels your meeting.

How this Calendly-Burner integration works

  1. A Calendly invitee cancels a meeting
  2. Zapier sends a text via Burner alerting you of the cancellation

Apps involved

  • Calendly
  • Burner

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When this happens...
then do this!
Invitee Canceled

Triggers when an invitee cancels a scheduled event.

Configure Burner

Configure a Burner (i.e. turn off/on Ringer), etc.

Invitee Created

Triggers when an invitee schedules an event.

Create Outbound Text

Creates an outbound text from a Burner.

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Burner is a phone number app for calling, texting, and picture messaging using private, disposable phone numbers. Available on iOS and Android!

Calendly is an elegant and simple scheduling tool for businesses that eliminates email back and forth. It helps save time so that businesses can provide great service and increase sales.

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