Upload new Box files to Docparser

When dealing with important documentation, efficiency and security matter. Streamline your filing and processing by having Zapier automate them for you: This integration will capture each new file you upload to a folder on Box and send it to Docparser as well, letting you back up and go through every important document at the same time.

Note: Docparser will only parse PDF files

How this Box-Docparser integration works

  1. A new file is uploaded to a folder on Box
  2. Zapier uploads the file to Docparser as well

Apps involved

  • Box
  • Docparser
Upload new Box files to Docparser
Box integration logo

Box lets you keep all your businesses files in one place for simple online collaboration.

Docparser integration logo

Docparser converts your PDF documents into structured and easy-to-handle data. With Docparser you can pull out specific data fields (e.g. Purchase Order Number, Date, Shipping Address, ...) and tabular data from your documents.

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