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Bonjoro mention · June 10, 2019

Zapier Apps at Work: The Fastest Growing Apps in 2019

Work changes. The skills that got you here may not get you to the next level of your career, and the next role you take may have not even existed a decade ago. That's why using new apps—especially those designed specifically for your industry—is so important. more
Bonjoro mention · May 17, 2019

How an eCommerce Store Uses Bonjoro & Zapier to Connect with Customers

"Considering we're a small team, we've probably saved one hour each day using Zapier and Bonjoro. "Andreas Lodahl, eCommerce Manager, Munk Store When you run an eCommerce business, you're caught between two worlds: the faceless mega-brands like Amazon and the brick and mortars where customers can more
Bonjoro update · September 11, 2017

New App: Personalize Customer Engagement Using Bonjoro's Custom Videos

Genuine customer engagement begins with treating your prospects like they’re more than just your next sales. With Bonjoro, you can establish a human connection with your customers by sending personalized videos directly to their inbox. These videos, referred to as “Bonjoros," put a face to your brand and more
Nathan Snelgrove
Written by Nathan SnelgroveLast updated October 19, 2017

Every time I get a notification that somebody’s signed up for my email list, I am both encouraged and disheartened. Encouraged because somebody new signed up for my mailing list, but disheartened because I don’t have an easy way to personalize those first interactions with them.

Bonjoro solves that problem. Bonjoro lets you send personalized videos to every person that signs up for your service—whether it’s a newsletter, app, or subscription. You can have that meaningful one-on-one interaction, address your new customer by name, and introduce them to your service in a more powerful way than a simple email but that’s not much more difficult to send.

Here’s how it works: Sign up for Bonjoro, create your profile, invite your team, add your avatar, and set up your third-party integrations. Bonjoro lets you connect with your preferred CRM and fetch all your customer data as it comes in.

After you connect these services, Bonjoro notifies you any time a new customer gets linked to your account. In layman’s terms, that means that I got a new person added as a “to-do” after they signed up for my newsletter on MailChimp. Thanks to the Zapier integration, you can set this up with a multitude of different services.

From there, recording a video can be done with just a couple taps. It’s as easy as sending a text message. Sending videos is something you can do on the web with your computer’s webcam, but Bonjoro encourages you to use your phone.

Once the video is done, Bonjoro automatically passes it along, and the recipient receives a link to watch it via email. And while they can’t respond via video, they can thank you for it with a click or an email, making the whole process completely seamless.

You can even customize your Bonjoro, and add your own logo and Call to Action to it (as well as change the background colour of the interface).

And finally, you can track your Bonjoros with their reporting interface. It’s an easy way to see your sent videos, find out if they were opened, and even see what time they were watched. Bonjoro will email you as all these events happen, so you can keep on track of your conversion rate and see whether or not your videos are having any sort of immediate effect.

I’ve received a few different Bonjoros over the past several months, and each time I’ve been consistently wowed by them. Bonjoro’s technology isn’t impressive, but the way they use technology to enable a more human connection is astounding. It’s a simple idea.

You probably have the same initial reaction that I did, though: how can something like this scale? Won’t you spend your entire day sending videos with Bonjoro? When would you ever get any work done?

Bonjoro has a solution for that too. You can invite your entire team to your account, and assign them all different videos. That way, the weight of this system is shouldered by your whole team, and not just one person.

It’s also worth spending a little bit more time on Bonjoro’s integrations. They natively integrate with Zapier, Gmail, Microsoft, Intercom, MailChimp, Patreon, and your own domain. Using Zapier’s Bonjoro integrations, you can already connect several of these services to generate new video recipients. Zapier connects Slack, ConvertKit, InfusionSoft, Shopify, Woocommerce, Pipedrive, Stripe, Active Campaign, and much more to Bonjoro right out of the gate. So you might not have to wait on Bonjoro’s native integrations to get started with your favourite service right away.

And that’s it! Bonjoro is easy to describe and easy to use because it does one thing well. Bonjoro is filled with charm, and makes sending videos easy no matter where you are.

Bonjoro is one of the smartest services I’ve seen in a long time. They fulfill the promise of technology: to connect us, and to bring us closer to one another. In the world of commerce, this is tough to do. All the technology tools at our disposal have turned us into data miners. Bonjoro flips the script on that, and lets us make our customer communications personal again.

Have any feedback on this overview, or something we should change? Let us know!

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