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Tag customers in Intercom when they view Bonjoros

  1. When this happensStep 1: Bonjoro Watched

  2. Then do thisStep 2: Add Event

Wondering how effective your Bonjoros are on conversions, engagement, and retention? Now you can track every user that watches a Bonjoro directly in Intercom, and compare these customers to those who do not view or get sent a Bonjoro. That way, you can see the exact impact of your Bonjoro efforts. This Zapier integration adds the tag "Bonjoro_Watched" to your customer profiles in intercom, as soon as that customer watches a Bonjoro you have sent them. In addition, a live link to the sent Bonjoro is included in their activity for reference.

How this Bonjoro-Intercom integration works

  1. A customer watched a Bonjoro
  2. The tag "Bonjoro_Watched" is added to the Intercom user profile, and the Bonjoro link is added to their activity

Apps involved

  • Bonjoro
  • Intercom
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All Triggers & Actions

InstantBonjoro Reassigned

Triggered when an existing Bonjoro is assigned to a different team member.

InstantBonjoro Call to Action Clicked

Triggered when a user clicks the Bonjoro call to action

InstantBonjoro Created

Triggered when a Bonjoro is created by a team member or automation

InstantBonjoro Email Opened

Triggered when a Bonjoro email is opened

InstantBonjoro Reply

Triggered when a Bonjoro is replied to

InstantBonjoro Bounced

Triggered when a Bonjoro email bounces. Note that if you're using a custom mail integration such as Google, bounces may not be detected.

InstantBonjoro Sent

Triggered when a Bonjoro is sent by a team member

InstantBonjoro Dismissed

Triggered when a Bonjoro is dismissed by a team member

InstantBonjoro Reaction

Triggered when a user reacts to a Bonjoro

InstantBonjoro Shared

Triggered when a Bonjoro is shared on social media

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