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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated June 28, 2018

Emails are a great way to share text. You can write as long a letter as you'd like, and your email app will deliver it to your recipients without a problem. Sure, you could use an HTML template to make your letter look nicer, or add an image or other attachment, but the main thing you'll think about with your email is text. Anything else is there to go along with the text.

That is, unless you're sending emails with BombBomb. Then, you'll be thinking about video first when sending emails. Yes, video.

Sending a video in an email would seem a crazy idea. After all, your email app would just treat the video as an attachment, and most videos files are far too large to attach to an email. You could instead record a video, upload it to a service like YouTube or Vimeo, and then email it out—but that'd take far longer than just writing an email.

So BombBomb made an online email editor—and a companion iOS and Android mobile app–to let you record video and directly send it in an email. The video's hosted online, with a thumbnail and a play button included in your actual email. Your recipient will click the play button to open the video in their browser, where the video will auto-play with the message you just recorded. Then, if they'd like to reply with video, they can do so right from their browser and webcam with BombBomb's simple video reply app. Suddenly emailing videos actually makes sense.

But it's not just designed for sending individual video emails, even though it is great for that. BombBomb's main focus is letting you create drip campaigns and email lists to regularly share videos. Drip campaigns are typically used to educate contacts, whether to lead them towards a purchase or educate them about your product after they've purchased, and videos are perfect for that. You can record videos that teach people everything they'd need to know, and present a more friendly face than yet another plain text email ever could. Once the videos are shot and turned into emails, you can schedule the drips easily with BombBomb's drip editor that lets you pick the email, time to send it, and the number of days or weeks to wait before sending it.

You can add contacts to your BombBomb lists directly, use its form tool to gather leads, or let Zapier add contacts from any of the other apps you use. Then, your new contacts can be automatically added to your drips, and you can easily send out a new video to anyone on your lists at any time. It's the same features you'd expect from any other email marketing tool, only this time focused on helping you send videos in emails.

If you'd like a way to make your emails stand out in your contacts' inboxes, it's hard to think of something more unique than video emails—and BombBomb's just about the simplest way possible to make video a standard part of your emails. It'd work to send video lessons to new customers about your product, but it'd also be a great way to send one-off video emails to break your text-only email routine.

Originally published December 5, 2014; updated June 28, 2018 with new screenshots and pricing

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