Add contacts to Contactually for emails sent from BombBomb

Want to make sure your Contactually lists have all the information they need to track all those users you've reached out to on BombBomb? Activate this BombBomb Contactually integration and you'll always have the latest data from then on: each new email you send on BombBomb will trigger it, adding a new contact to Contactually automatically for every one so that you can be sure no one gets left out.

How It Works

  1. A new email is sent on BombBomb
  2. Zapier automatically adds a contact to Contactually

What You Need

  • BombBomb account
  • Contactually account
Add contacts to Contactually for emails sent from BombBomb integration logo

Integrate with the BombBomb email marketing service.

Contactually integration logo

Contactually is a great CRM for professionals in relationship-based businesses. Our smart platform automatically manages your contacts across email, social media and mobile phone to help you prioritize your relationships by monitoring your conversation patterns.

It automatically generates intelligent follow-up recommendations for your most important prospects when it matters the most. With Contactually, your most important relationships never run the risk of slipping through the cracks.

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