When this happens...
BoingnetpURL Web Form Completed
Then do this...
LobSend Job

After someone fills out a web form from a Boingnet pURL campaign, you often want to send a follow up postcard, letter or other print material as a thank you or to kick off the next part of your campaign. This Zapier integration will generate your chosen print job each time a new Boingnet pURL web form is completed from the chosen Boingnet personalized campaign.

How It Works

  1. A target in your chosen Boingnet personalized campaign fills out a web form on their pURL
  2. Zapier alerts Lob to send out the chosen print job to the target that filled out the pURL form

What You Need

  • Boingnet account with a live personalized campaign using a web form with a submit button
  • Lob account

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When this happens...
then do this!
pURL Web Form Completed

Triggers when a contact submits a form from their personalized URL.

Create New Personal URL

Creates a new pURL for a selected personalized campaign.

New Contact Added

Triggers when a new contact is created.

New Contact

Creates a new contact in a selected list.

Email Clicked

Triggers when a contact clicks on a link in an email sent by a campaign.

Add Contact to Drip Nurture Campaign

Adds a new contact to an existing drip nurture campaign.

Send Letter

Creates a new letter in a double window envelope that will be mailed to the 'to' address, and from the 'from' address. Please see our documentation ( for details.

Send Postcard

This action creates a new postcard that will be mailed to the 'to' address, and from the 'from' address. Please see our documentation ( for details.

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Boingnet is lightweight marketing automation that captures and nurtures leads with personalized URL (PURL) direct mail, landing page, microsite and email campaigns. Our easy to use, affordable platform makes personalization fast and simple.

Lob makes it easy to seamlessly print and mail letters, postcards, photos, posters and more via a web API.

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