Create new BitBucket issues from new Trello cards

If you manage your development projects using Trello but maintain your codebase on BitBucket, you're spending needless time if you're copying information from one to the other, since this Trello BitBucket integration can do it for you! Once it's active, every time a Trello card is created, a new issue will be created for you on BitBucket, saving you time and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks because people didn't check both services.

How It Works

  1. A new Trello card is created
  2. Zapier automatically creates a BitBucket issue

What You Need

  • Trello account
  • BitBucket account
Create new BitBucket issues from new Trello cards
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Trello is a team collaboration tool that lets you organize anything and everything to keep your projects on task.

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Bitbucket is a popular hosted source control system that uses both mercurial and git behind the scenes.

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