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The 8 Best Proposal Apps to Win Projects and Land New Clients

Every new client needs slightly tweaked copies of documents you've sent before. You could make new ones every time, but that takes up so much time. Copy old documents, though, and you run the risk of forgetting to remove a former client's details or to include crucial more
Bidsketch update · July 1, 2015

Create Proposals and Save More Time With Bidsketch and Zapier

Creating client proposals can be quite the headache. There's content to create, design to be done, and overall internal organization that must be kept up with. And on top of all of that, you have to worry about when your client has actually viewed the proposal, when it more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated March 10, 2017
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You've talked with your client, formulated a plan to take on their project, and are ready to get them to sign on your ideas and get to work making it a reality. But there's something curious: Odds are, this project isn't all that different from the projects you've done in the past. Sure, it's for a different client with different needs and tastes, but your company has the same team, your work has the same time restrictions as normal, and odds are you're charging this client a similar price as the last client.

That's where Bidsketch simplifies the proposal process. It's focused on text blocks that you can quickly add to new proposals and remix in proposal themes. Once you've added all of your standard info, you can make a new proposal in minutes.

It starts out with your design templates. You could use a standard, built-in Bidsketch proposal template, but if your team is designing websites for clients, odds are your team would rather add your own special touch. Bidsketch lets you add that with HTML and CSS-powered templates, which it then uses to show clients your proposals online or in a PDF downloadable file. There are a few restrictions—your template must use inline CSS and can't be wider than 815px—but otherwise, it's a standard webpage you can design as you'd like. You can even embed videos or Flash media, as long as they're hosted on another site.

Upload your custom theme to Bidsketch, then jump over to the Sections tab. There, you can type in rich text or HTML blocks of content for the opening and closing sections of your proposals. Add everything your proposals might need in individual sections, using variables to put in the project or client info automatically. The Fees tab gives you the same chance to list your standard fees, where you can write up copy and pricing for standard one-time, monthly, or yearly fees that you'll charge clients on standard projects. Back over in the Templates tab, you can pull the text sections you've made into complete templates with the opening sections, fees, and closing sections each standard type of template needs.

Now when time to send a proposal to a client, you've got everything you need to send one in record time. You'll select the client—or add a new one, complete with contact info and an alternate contact just in case your point contact isn't available right now. Then pick the template you want to use for this proposal, and the core of your work will be done instantly. You can customize the text in any section or add a custom section just for this client. Once you're done, preview the proposal, and you can select any of your HTML & CSS-powered designs for the proposal, and send it out to your client.

That's not all. Bidsketch's dashboard will show you details on how many times the proposal was viewed—and will notify you as soon as it's signed. That way, you can get right to work—or figure out if you need to reach back out and confirm anything with the client if they haven't signed yet.

Your team already has the designs and copy you usually use with clients. With Bidsketch, you can put that to work in your proposals in minutes—and spend more time on your real client work.

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