Create Beeminder datapoints for new Swarm checkins

If you really want to focus your Swarm game, Beeminder is a great way to keep you on track—don't slow yourself down by logging things manually! Put this Zap to work, keeping you honest. Once you've got it set up, a new datapoint will be added to Beeminder every time you log a new checkin to Swarm, making sure all your progress toward your goals is automatically tracked at all times so you can focus on achieving them.

How It Works

  1. A new Swarm checkin is logged
  2. Zapier automatically adds a new datapoint on Beeminder

What You Need

  • Swarm account
  • Beeminder account
Create Beeminder datapoints for new Swarm checkins
Swarm integration logo

Swarm by Foursquare is a popular geographical location-based social network that incorporates gaming elements.

Beeminder integration logo

Beeminder is a goal-tracking tool with teeth. Use Zapier to send Beeminder data and let Beeminder plot your progress on a Yellow Brick Road to your goal. Keep all your datapoints on the road and Beeminder will always be free. Go off the road and you (literally) pay the price.

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