Share Beanstalk new releases via a Postmark email

Be the first to know—or let your entire team know at the same time—whenever your team pushes a new release to Beanstalk by having Postmark send an email to announce it.

How it Works

Zapier will watch your Beanstalk account for new releases. Whenever a new release is pushed out, Zapier will copy the info and send a Postmark message with the details to the addresses you add to this integration.

What You Need

  • A Beanstalk Account
  • A Postmark account

Got that? Then let's get started.

Share Beanstalk new releases via a Postmark email
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A fast and secure way to handle a team's code, Beanstalk supports SVN and Git.

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Postmark is specifically built to deliver your app’s emails to the inbox, fast. Instantly send and receive transactional email with zero maintenance. Since we send transactional only, ISPs love us. Our infrastructure combined with proper content and delivery practices means higher response rates from your customers.

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