When this happens...
BatchbookNew Company
Then do this...
Mobyt SMSNew SMS

Instantly reach out to new clients or let your team know about them when you implement this Batchbook to Mobyt SMS automation. Set it up, and every time a new company is added in Batchbook, Zapier will send a new text message via Mobyt SMS. There’s nothing more reliable than SMS when you need to send a quick message!

How It Works

  1. Add a new company in Batchbook
  2. Zapier sends a new message via Mobyt SMS

What You Need

  • Batchbook account
  • Mobyt SMS account

Why Zapier?


Get started for free—14 day trial of premium features and apps.


No coding required—automate any of 1,500+ apps in minutes.


Enterprise-level security—connect mission-critical apps.

It's easy to connect Batchbook + Mobyt SMS and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

When this happens...
then do this!
New Inbound SMS

Triggers each time you get an inbound SMS


Sends a new SMS message.

New Person

Triggered when you add a new person.

New Subscriber (opt-in)

Add a new contact

New Company

Triggered when you add a new company.

Create Person

Adds a new person.

New User

Triggered when you add a new user.

Create Company

Adds a new company.

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Batchbook is a social CRM. It has all the standard features of a CRM plus it can take in Twitter streams, Facebook updates, RSS feeds and more.

We provide inbound and outbound SMS ability on U.S. Carriers through shortcodes. By utilizing unique keywords, we can deliver reliable messages from your consumers to Zapier tasks. Additionally, you can use Zaps as triggers to send SMS to a single user or thousands!

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