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Then, Batchbook will make that data smarter. It'll show you their most recent Twitter posts, your communications with them across email and social networks, and show if they're subscribed to your mailing lists. You'll be able to add tasks to their profiles, track custom data about them like sales and support interactions, and keep track of your deals.

Or, you can keep things simple by just staying in the contact list, where you'll be able to see everyone's names and info together and quickly drill down with filters to find the people you're looking for. You can use tags to categorize contacts, so you can keep your media contacts separate from your potential customers, and can keep those filtered searches permanent by saving them as a custom list.

Beyond the ways it simplifies getting started, one of Batchbook's best features is that it's priced for your entire team. You'll pay for the features you need, and then be able to let everyone in the company use them without having to worry about how much it'll cost. And once everyone's relying on Batchbook to keep track of contacts, you'll have a far better overview of your team's connections and contacts than you'd have if everyone's relying on their own address book.

If you've been using a spreadsheet to manage your contacts, and are ready to move onto something more powerful, Batchbook is designed specifically to be the next step in your contact management journey. It promises to turn your spreadsheet into a rich contact database, and does quite the good job at just that.

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