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What BarCloud Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • New Person - Triggers when a new Person is added.
  • Asset Received - Triggers when an asset is received.
  • New Customer - Triggers when a new customer is added.
  • New Location - Triggers when a new Location is added.
  • Asset Checked Out - Triggers when an Asset is checked out.
  • New Supplier - Triggers when a new supplier is added.
  • Asset Disposed - Triggers when an asset is disposed.
  • Asset Checked In - Triggers when an asset is checked in.
  • Maintenance Scheduled or Performed - Triggers when maintenance has been scheduled or performed.
  • Asset Moved - Triggers when an asset is moved.
  • New Model - Triggers when a new model is added.
  • New Asset - Triggers when a new asset is added.

Supported Actions#

  • Create Customer - Creates a new Customer in BarCloud.
  • Create Asset - Creates a new Asset in BarCloud.
  • Create Person - Creates a new Person in BarCloud.
  • Create Model - Creates a new Model in BarCloud.
  • Asset Check Out to Location - Performs an Asset Checkout Transaction to a location.
  • Create Supplier - Creates a new Supplier in BarCloud.
  • Create Location - Creates a new Location in BarCloud.

How to Get Started with BarCloud on Zapier

The first thing you'll need to do is connect your BarCloud Account to Zapier. After you sign up and start creating the Zap you want, Zapier will ask you to start the process:

BarCloud 1

You can then enter your Customer Key, which you can find by following the steps under “CustomerKey (required)” below.

BarCloud 2

Finally, you'll be redirected back to Zapier and the Account will have been added and tested, if everything is good to go you'll see this:

BarCloud 3

Common Problems with BarCloud

We don't have any common problems documented yet, but feel free to contact us so we can help you personally!

Need More Help? - Our support team is happy to help -- send us a message

BarCloud is an online, barcode-based inventory and asset management system. The solution includes Android and iOS devices as fully functional barcode readers with their own App downloadable from the App Store.

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