Bambu by Sprout Social

Bambu by Sprout Social + Meltwater Integrations

In a matter of minutes and without a single line of code, Zapier allows you to connect apps like Bambu by Sprout Social and Meltwater to start doing your busy work for you.

Meltwater is a newer integration on Zapier that's still in beta.

Meltwater Integration Details

Launched on Zapier March 21, 2017

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Search Result") and Actions (like "Create Campaign") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Meltwater Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

New Search Result

Triggers when a new result matches a predefined Meltwater Search.

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Bambu by Sprout Social is a communication platform built for employee advocacy that helps brands amplify their reach on social media.

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Meltwater is a media intelligence platform that helps you stay on top of billions of real-time editorial, blog, and social media conversations.

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