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Azendoo tries to strike a balance, with a built-in social network for each project, live chat with individual colleagues via direct messages, and imported documents from Evernote, Google Drive and more. That way, you can use your favorite tools for writing plans and ideas, discuss ideas with your team, and keep from being overwhelmed with always-on team chat.

It starts out with projects, or Stories as Azendoo calls them. Create a new story, and you can share it with the team or keep it private between specific teammates. Each story includes a dashboard page with quick stats and recent tasks, along with a Facebook-like feed of updates about the project. You can post an update anytime, complete with a photo, document, or Yes/No poll to get opinions. There's comments and emoji, for a quick way to discuss things, and a button to turn posts into a task if you decide to work on the new item everyone was voting on. Each story has its own network, so only the people who are working with you on this project will see the update, keeping it from getting too busy.

Then, you'll add tasks in the Tasks tab, or directly schedule tasks on the Calendar. There's no project workflow by default, but you can add sections to the task page to break up work into chunks, or add followup tasks to know what to focus on once you finish this task. You can import tasks from an Evernote note, or export the whole list as a spreadsheet if you need And if there's any relevant documents, just add them as a comment or jump over to the Documents tab to link files and notes from 3rd party apps.

As your work progresses, Azendoo will keep track on the Analytics tab of your story. It'll show a log of each change, with a graph of new and completed tasks—along with a quick link to see overdue tasks. These reports, too, can be exported as CSV for an easy way to analyze your work.

And if you need anything else as you're working, something more urgent than a dashboard post, there's direct messages to any of your colleagues right in Azendoo. Without team chat rooms, you likely won't get as distracted with random things throughout the work day, but you will still be able to ask a team member a critical question and get an answer in real time.

Azendoo is a nice balance between productivity and networking, with focused tools to help communicate and get things done. And it'll keep you encouraged to get more done, with a graph of your productivity on the dashboard every time you sign in.

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