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Axosoft update · August 4, 2017

New Action for Axosoft: Update Items with Your Work in Progress

The latest update to the Zapier-Axosoft integration helps keep your sprint progress up-to-date. Use a Zap to pass project details to Axosoft via the new Update Item Action. When you provide the item ID along with the new project info, Zapier will automatically update the item so that your more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 25, 2016

Projects grow and evolve over time. They might start out as a list of tasks that need done, then need a detailed workflow as you push them towards completion. Broad due dates might get the project started, but it's the weekly plan that ensures you'll actually hit the deadline.

Axosoft is a project management app designed for it all. It's flexible enough to handle your project from start to finish—even when you need to change how your tasks are visualized. You can choose exactly what Axosoft shows—even hiding tabs you don't need—and tweak how it displays your data to fit the task at hand.

You'll start out with Tickets, Features, and Bugs, which list the individual things you need to accomplish, ideas you want to consider taking on, or things you need to fix in a project. They can each include the data you need to track with customizable fields—and those customizations are reflected in the form you use to make new tickets, to make sure you track the data your projects require. Then, there's two extra buttons on each item: a PDF button to download a hard copy of everything the ticket contains, and a Workflow list to choose a stage the task is currently in.

Workflows can be customized for Tickets, Features, and Bugs separately—and each can have more than one workflow. That way, you can set the steps each type of task need to go through before they're completed. And instead of just listing a general workflow, Axosoft has you give workflow steps a name and then lets you set which fields get updated when the workflow changes. That way, you can have tasks reassigned, reschedule, or tweaked any way you want just by changing their workflow. You can even set which workflow the task can go to next, send notifications to specific people when a task hits that workflow, and more.

Then it's time to figure out how to get everything done. You could just stick to the default list view, switching the workflow stage from the task's info page. Or, you can switch to a kanban board view, and drag tasks to the next workflow stage for a quick way to see where everything stands. Need to focus more on time? The Release Planner view helps you pull tasks together into a sprint. You can add just as many tasks as you should be able to complete in this sprint, to make sure you don't overcommit.

There's more, too. The entire Axosoft interface is tabbed, showing just the features you want. You can create custom dashboards with the info you need—perhaps to see how much time is left in a sprint, or how much capacity your team has left to finish the project—and close the tabs you don't need.

With customized workflows, dashboards, and just the features you want to see, Axosoft turns into the app you want it to be. You could use it as it is, but with a bit of time and tweaking, it'll be a project management tool that fits the way you work perfectly.

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