Add new Brandquiz leads as Autopilot contacts

Are you overwhelmed with integrating adding leads from your Brandquiz projects to your marketing automation tool by hand? With the help of Zapier we're putting an end to that. This integration will add every new Brandquiz lead to Autopilot as a new contact, saving you time for more important work.

How this Brandquiz-Autopilot integration works

  1. A new Brandquiz lead is created
  2. Zapier adds the contact to Autopilot

Apps involved

  • Brandquiz
  • Autopilot
Add new Brandquiz leads as Autopilot contacts
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Brandquiz is a customer experience platform. Everything you need to capture leads, collect feedback & activate your audience.

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Autopilot is visual marketing software for automating customer journeys, to help companies acquire and nurture leads through email, web, SMS and direct mail.

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