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Facebook Lead Ads

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Email Newsletters

24 Integrations

Connect Automizy to 2,000+ Apps

    Automizy Integration Details

    The following Automizy Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


    InstantTag Added to Contact

    Triggers when a tag is added to a contact.

    InstantNew Contact

    Triggers when a contact is created.

    InstantTag Removed From Contact

    Triggers when a tag is removed from a contact.


    Add Tag to Contact

    Add 1 or more Tags to an existing contact.

    Create or Update Contact

    Create a new contact or update an existing contact

    Remove Tag From Contact

    Remove 1 or more Tags from an existing contact.

    Unsubscribe Contact

    Unsubscribe an existing contact.

    Connect Automizy to 2,000+ Apps