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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated February 14, 2017
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It's tough to know what your customers really think of your company. Ask them to rate your product immediately after they had a poor experience with it, and they're likely to give it a bad rating–and the opposite is true with good experiences. Ask people too many questions, and they'll skip the survey since it takes too many time. And yet, how much can you learn from just one question?

A lot, it turns out. Net Promoter Score surveys—or NPS for short—are an increasingly popular way to get an accurate snapshot of your customers' feelings with a simple survey. They're deceptively simple: You'll send your customers an email with a quick survey, asking them to rate your company and/or product on a scale of 1-10—and optionally to add a comment with that rating. Ratings of 1-6 are considered detractors, those who aren't so excited about your brand. 7-8 gets labeled as passives, while only 9-10 ratings are listed as promoters. That combined score helps you find the people most likely to promote your product—your Net Promoter Score.

AskNicely is an app to help you find that easily. NPS is, at its core, just a 1-question survey plus a text box for extra comments, but sending out that survey and pulling the answers and score together is where it's hard. And that's what AskNicely simplifies, with a survey combined with an email list tool that'll send out your NPS survey in a way that's easy for your customers to fill out.

You'll start by setting up your NPS survey email in AskNicely. Add your name, subject, and the question you'd like to ask your customers. For instance, you could ask them "How likely would you be to recommend ProductX?" to get feedback about your product—or "How much would you recommend our support staff?" to get feedback on your company's customer support. Then, add your logo, select a button color, and even choose what to have the survey labels say.

Once you've made your core email, you can then segment the email with different templates for different customers. Perhaps you want to only send people the question about support if they've interacted with your support team, or the product question if they've actually purchased that product. Instead of recreating everything, you can just tweak your original email for a quick way to get feedback on everything you want.

Then, it's time to add your customers, so AskNicely can send them your survey email. It can import contacts from email apps including MailChimp and Intercom, or you can add your own text or CSV file of contacts. Or, you can have customers added after their interactions with your company, using AskNicely integrations to add people who contact support from Help Scout and Desk, customers from Shopify and Stripe, and more.

All that's left now is to tell AskNicely when to send the emails out. You can set how many people you want surveyed each day, which days of the week to send out surveys, and how long to wait before surveying new customers and re-surveying those who've already received the emails.

Then, sit back and wait. When customers get your emails, they can click the number score they want to give you right in the email, and that is all they have to do to finish the survey. If they want, they can then add a comment in the AskNicely web app that loads after clicking the rating score—but even if all they do is click, you'll still get the results. AskNicely will tell you immediately in the app with a notification about the response, and you can then filter through your responses and see your company's score changes over time.

It's a set-it-and-leave-it app. You'll set up your emails, add integrations to add customers automatically, and just let it do its magic. Then when you have a chance, log back in and check your score. You'll be surprised at what you can learn from customers with AskNicely's simple yet powerful NPS surveys.

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AskNicely Features

  • Quickly collect customer feedback with automated email, SMS and online NPS surveys
  • Get deeper insights with comments along with rating
  • Sort and filter reviews to see comments from specific types of customers
  • Segment your lists and send targeted surveys with templates
  • Track results and survey new customers with integrations

AskNicely Pricing

  • POA Pricing plans vary based requirements. Flexible setup options, Salesforce integration, regional hosting options. Complete the pricing request form for a quote.

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AskNicely is a simple way to measure and improve customer happiness using the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) framework.

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