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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated March 2, 2017
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Whether you run a barber shop, are an IT consultant that needs to go to clients' offices, or teach private lessons, any service based business lives or dies on their schedule. You'll need to schedule time for each of your clients, make sure you have enough time between appointments to get there if necessary, and guarantee no two appointments overlap. You'll also need a way for customers to pay, and a notebook to keep track of the details about each of your clients.

Artichoke is an appointment management app that lets you manage all of that in one app. It keeps your schedule, client details, and even accounting info in one place so you can focus on your clients—and let your schedule manage itself.

You'll start out by adding a website where clients can book appointments. It'll only take a few minutes to build. Just add your company's logo, name, and description of your business. Then enter your location and the hours you're available—and the amount of time you need between appointments. Select your link for the site (which will show up as, and you can then share that page with your clients so they can book appointments.

You'll want to check a couple other things first, though. Jump back to Artichoke, and select the Products & Services tab. There, you can add details about the services you offer, with a description, price, and location for each one. You can also offer products—if you sell parts or supplies along with your service, you can track those sales along with your service revenue.

Then, select the Settings tab, and add your details to add Stripe-powered billing. That'll let your customers pay you via credit card when they schedule an appointment, or when they arrive at the appointment via your Artichoke account. You can then manually add product sales and other expenses, to bill them for the full amount. Artichoke will keep track of everything together, so you'll have all of your accounting info in one place. And, if you'll be out of office, you can add that time away from the Appointments page, to make sure no one books an appointment while you're on vacation.

That's it. You can set it and leave it, and then every day just open your Artichoke Appointments page to see what you'll need to do that day and who you'll be meeting with. Artichoke will remind you and your clients about upcoming appointments so no one forgets. Swipe right on appointments to check in, then log any notes about the appointment by tapping the appointment. You can then go back and look through old notes about clients at any time from the Clients page, as well as see how much they've spent with your firm and their contact info.

Managing your schedule doesn't have to be so confusing. With Artichoke, you can keep your schedule, finances, and client info together, freeing you up to offer the best possible service to your customers.

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Artichoke Features

  • Manage your clients and appointment schedule online from any device
  • Quickly build a website where clients can book appointments from openings in your schedule
  • Add Stripe powered payments to accept credit card payments for appointments
  • Get a quick overview of your calendar
  • Send automated appointment reminders
  • Track details about clients with notes about every visit

Artichoke Pricing

  • $30/month

$25/month with annual commitment

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Artichoke is a business platform for freelancers: everything in one place, on any device, wherever you work. A web page for booking online, automated reminders, one-touch payments, searchable progress notes, and simple solutions to take control of the numbers for today’s freelancers.