When this happens...
Microsoft Dynamics CRMNew Account
Then do this...
ArcGIS OnlineAdd Point Feature

Do you manage your sales accounts in Microsoft CRM Dynamics? Do you store the latitude and longitude data with each account? Fuse your account data using ArcGIS Online base maps. Take advantage of the geoenrichment capabilities of ArcGIS online to get better insights into your data. With this automation up and running, your accounts will be mapped in ArcGIS Online as you add them in Microsoft CRM Dynamics.

Note: This Zapier integration doesn't map already existing accounts, only new accounts after you've set it up.

How this Microsoft Dynamics-ArcGIS Online integration works

  1. A new account is created in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  2. A point is created in ArcGIS Online ArcGIS online terms of use

Apps involved

  • Microsoft CRM Dynamics
  • ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Online is a newer integration on Zapier that's still in beta.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a Premium integration on Zapier.

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It's easy to connect ArcGIS Online + Microsoft Dynamics CRM and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

When this happens...
then do this!
New Contact

Triggered when a new contact is created within your Dynamics CRM instance.

Geocode Address

Find the coordinates of an address . The Latitude and Longitude of the address will be returned by this operation.

New Opportunity

Triggered when a new opportunity is created within your Dynamics CRM instance.

Add Point Feature

Creates a new feature in an ArcGIS online Feature layer.

New Lead

Triggered when a new lead is created within your Dynamics CRM instance.

Update Point Feature

Update a Point Feature in an ArcGIS Online Feature layer.

New Account

Triggered when a new account is created within your Dynamics CRM instance.

Delete Point Feature

Delete a Point Feature in an ArcGIS Online Feature layer.

Create Contact

Creates a new contact.

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Dynamics CRM is a leading customer resource management and enterprise resource planning software.