Apify Updates

Apify update · June 18, 2019

New for Our Apify Integration: Use Apify Actors with Zapier

Apify makes it easy to scrape data from websites and automate workflows on the web. And now, Zapier lets you use Apify Actors: cloud programs that can perform arbitrary web scraping, data processing, or web automation tasks. You can use dozens of existing actors from the Apify Store, develop your...read more
Apify update · May 17, 2017

New App: Scrape Websites and Collect Structured Data with Apifier

Get data from websites without the hassle of manually copy and pasting. Apifier is a cloud based application that automatically scrapes websites and collects structured data for you. Using just a few lines of code, Apifier crawls websites and aggregates your desired data to save you time and frustration. Plus...read more

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