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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated September 5, 2017

The best way to get stuff done each day is to know exactly what you need to do when you get to the desk. It's all too easy to spend your first half hour at work going through random tasks, trying to figure out what to work on—when what you actually need to do is dive in and start on the first task.

amoCRM will help you do that. Make it the first app you open each day, and you'll always know right where your sales team stands with its pipeline dashboard. You'll be encouraged by this month's sales—or motivated to keep working on deals so you'll hit your goals this month. And with your tasks, appointments, and notes right on that same dashboard, odds are everything's there that you need to start work.

You might check the Calendar tab first. That's where amoCRM keeps your tasks and appointments. That'll open with a 2-pane to-do list by default, with your tasks and appointments for today and tomorrow. You can drag-and-drop items into the order you want to accomplish them, or if you can't finish a task today, you can drag it over to tomorrow's list. Or, zoom out with the week and month views to plan your longer-term schedule.

Need to check your mail? It's right there too in amoCRM's Mail tab. You can make a shared team-wide email account that syncs to amoCRM to keep all your client interactions in one place. Or, you can CC amoCRM's custom email addresses whenever you email contacts from your personal accounts to save a copy of that message to your contact profiles inside the CRM. There's also a template tool, where you can build template emails to quickly send as followups to contacts.

amoCRM includes a number of tools like that to keep all of your contact data in one place. From the Leads settings page, you can add a feedback button or web form to your website so new contacts can easily get in touch—and amoCRM will add those contacts to your CRM so you can reach back out later. You can also connect it to your PBX phone system, chat app, email account, or tools like Facebook Lead Ads. Then, you can build automated workflows for those new contacts based on where they are in your sales process, to add a to-do, send them an email, change their lead status, add tags to their profile, and more. Build different funnels for each type of lead, and amoCRM will help you turn those new contacts into customers automatically.

So as you're working with a new contact and trying to land a deal, amoCRM will automatically log every interaction—or let you add new tasks and notes when needed to their profile. You can then move them through the stages of your pipeline with a kanban board-style page for an easy way to see where your sales stand. And those sales opportunities—along with the tasks and appointments you're tracking in amoCRM—will all be reflected in your dashboard so you'll be ready to start again tomorrow.

amoCRM does a great job blending the contact, task, and sales pipeline management tools in a CRM, to help you keep focused on what you need to do next. It'll keep all of your sales info straight—and its 2-day to-do list is handy enough, you might end up using it as your primary task management app, too.

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amoCRM Features

  • Know exactly where your deals and sales stand with amoCRM's pipeline dashboard
  • Organize leads in a list or kanban board to manage your sales workflow
  • Manage your tasks and events with a calendar and 2-day to-do list
  • Add custom fields to contacts that show based on pipeline step
  • Sync emails and pull in leads from your website with a form
  • Scan business cards and turn them into contacts automatically
  • iOS and Android app available

amoCRM Pricing

  • $15/month per user Basic plan for 12.5k contacts, 1.5k open leads, 100 custom fields, and core features
  • $25/month per user Advanced plan for 25k contacts, 5k open leads, 200 custom fields, auto-created tasks and pipeline automations, forecasting, and teams
  • $45/month per user Enterprise plan for 50k contacts, 10k open leads, 400 custom fields, lead scoring, and automatic backup via email

All plans billed annually

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