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Amazon Seller Central update · July 26, 2017

New App: Grow Your Business by Selling Your Products on Amazon

Looking to grow your customer base ahead of the holiday season? Expanding to the #1 online marketplace can help you smash your current sales record. Amazon is the #1 online marketplace for customers around the world. They boast an audience numbering in the hundreds of millions. By selling on more
Hannah Herman
Written by Hannah HermanLast updated July 12, 2019

If you want to list products for sale on, Amazon Seller Central is your virtual store's office. The app is your all-in-one hub for listing products on the Amazon website, tracking purchases, issuing refunds, and receiving payments. It also acts as a mediator between you and your bank, so that revenue from purchases is transferred to the account of your choice.

To add products, simply click the Add new product button from the Getting Started pane on the dashboard. Amazon Seller Central will guide you through the process of classifying and describing the item, as well as creating variations for different colors or sizes. You can then manage your inventory by hovering over the Inventory tab at the top of the page.

Want to track items that have been ordered, shipped, or returned? Just hover over Orders at the top of the page and select Manage Orders. From here, you can sort all orders according to whether they're pending, shipped, canceled, and more.

The Performance tab lets you track important metrics like customer feedback, average shipping performance, and chargebacks. Amazon Seller Central also keeps a record of all transactions for you so you can view sales data from the Reports tab.

Additionally, you can offer custom discounts. Navigate to the Advertising tab and select Coupons to select which items you'd like to discount, how much you'd like to discount them buy, and for how long. Amazon Seller Central will then make this discount available to shoppers who view your item on

Amazon Seller Central is a must for anyone who wants to reach the millions of people who shop on With its all-in-one functionality, it's usable by sellers of all stripes—from individual proprietors to large brands.

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