Save converted CloudConvert files to Amazon S3

Have files that you want to take from one app to another while converting the file type at the same time? Look no further than one easy Zapier automation to take care of all of that for you!

How It Works

  1. A conversion is completed on CloudConvert
  2. Zapier uploads the file to your specified S3 bucket

What You Need

  • CloudConvert account
  • Amazon S3 account
Save converted CloudConvert files to Amazon S3
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CloudConvert converts files betweens more than 200 supported formats: documents (PDF, DOC, HTML...), image (JPG, PNG...), spreadsheet (XLS, CSV...), presentation (PPT, ODP...), audio (MP3, M4A...), video (MP4, AVI...), ebook (EPUB, PDF...), archive (ZIP, RAR...)

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Amazon Simple Storage Service is a fully redundant data storage system. It makes it easy to store and retrieve any amount of data, anytime, from anywhere.

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