Ally.io + Schedule by Zapier + Airtable

Find Airtable records and create Ally.io check-ins every day

Fetch values from Airtable records and automatically make check-ins on an OKR in Ally.

Fetch values from Airtable records and automatically make check-ins on an OKR in Ally.

  1. When this happens...
    Schedule by ZapierSchedule by Zapier
    Every Day

    Triggers every day, just choose at what hour of time.

  2. automatically do this...
    Find Record

    Use simple field search or Airtable's powerful formula syntax to find a matching Airtable record. Learn more at https://support.airtable.com/hc/en-us/articles/218151657.

  3. then do this!
    Create Check-In

    Creates a Check-In for an OKR.

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About Ally.io

Ally.io is an easy to use business execution platform with best in class integrations that keeps teams and companies focused on goals with visibility at every level.

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About Schedule by Zapier

Schedule is a native Zapier app you can use for recurring tasks. Trigger an action every day of the month, every day of the week or every single day. You can also select the hour of the day. If you're a developer, this is similar to a crontab, cronjob or cron.

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About Airtable

Organize anything with Airtable, a modern database created for everyone. Airtable is a fast and flexible way to create tables to keep track of anything, from sales leads to vacation planning to inventory management.
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