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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 30, 2016

When you have things to do, the easiest way to get them out of your head is to write them in a list. Jot down the first thing, jump to the next line, and write the next item. It's a quick, efficient way to clear your head.

But when it's time to get work done, that random list might not be as helpful. It'll have all the things you need to do, but they'll be in a random order. Some will take longer than others to complete, others need done first, and most will have several steps before they can be completed.

That's what makes Allthings hybrid to-do list and kanban board app such a powerful tool. It lets you easily add and sort tasks in lists, but also includes kanban boards to work through your tasks in a workflow. The lists side of Allthings lets you see all tasks from every list that are due today, overdue, or flagged—something you often can't easily find in kanban board apps. And the kanban board side lets you organize tasks into workflows, something that's harder in a plain to-do list app.

You'll start out by adding tasks to a list in Allthings. Just open any view—perhaps the Unlisted Things list for a place to dump all the tasks you haven't organized yet—and start writing down your tasks. Then tap on an individual task to add more details: notes, sub-tasks, assignments, priority, estimated effort, and deadline. Or, hold down shift while selecting tasks to edit multiple tasks at once.

Need to group tasks together in a project? Allthings includes both lists and folders for that. You can create new blank lists or use a template to get started quickly, then create folders to organize your lists. These work the same as your default lists: you can add tasks with their details, and drag-and-drop them into the order you want.

You could just use Allthings like this, with lists of tasks to check off as they get completed. It's a powerful to-do list app, with custom views that show you the tasks to do today or overdue tasks, so nothing gets left behind. You can even add repeating tasks, with simple options like "every weekday" or "on the 24th of the month" to set your recurring tasks. You can even make your own task views: just search for something, complete with advanced search tools to look for tasks by priority, highlight, and more, then save that search view for a quick way to find related tasks in the future.

But for more ways to organize your tasks, just click the "View" link in the top of any list. There you can choose to group or stack by deadline, priority, highlight, section and more. Group by organizes your to-do list into sections, where you can drag tasks between groups. Stack by turns your list into a Kanban board, with columns for the item you selected. Stack by section gives you a traditional kanban board-style workflow, with sections for each stage of your workflow that tasks can be dragged between. Stack by priority, deadline, or other options gives you a hybrid view for an easy way to reassign or reschedule tasks just by dragging them to a different column.

Allthings' views and sorting options give you powerful ways to visualize tasks however you want. Whether you just want a simple way to check off tasks, or are looking for kanban board that lets you turn any value you want into columns, Allthings has a view for you. And if that's not enough, the saved searches let you easily pull up tasks with the specific characteristics you're looking for.

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allthings increases productivity by enabling better management and distribution of work within a team. People know what work they are doing, what they are doing next and when it’s due. Agile teams using Scrum, Kanban or similar can easily manage their backlog and sprints.