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Matthew Guay
Reviewed by Matthew Guay
Last updated April 20, 2016

There's more to projects than just tasks. There's the workflow your tasks need to go through, sub-tasks to finish before the task can be completed, ideas from teammates that must be considered, and much more. To keep track of everything, you'll need a project management system to give order to your projects, along with something that'll make sure you are notified whenever anything changes.

AgileZen offers all of that in one, easy-to-use project management tool. It combines a customizable kanban workflow, simple task notifications, and a quick chat tool into one app to ensure nothing from your projects goes untracked. And, it shows everything about each task right on your project boards, so you never forget about comments or sub-tasks.

It starts with your projects, which AgileZen keeps organized in kanban-style boards. By default, there's 5 lists in new project boards: Backlog, Ready, Working, Complete, and Archive. The Backlog and Archive lists are minimized by default; they're a place you can keep ideas and finished tasks without them distracting from the rest of your work. You can add extra lists, rename any list and give it a description, arrange lists in any order, or add a limit to a list so it can only hold a specific number of tasks at one time.

Then, it's time to add tasks. Click the Add button on the top toolbar to open a drop-down pane where you can enter your "story" or task with as long a description as you want. Each story can include a size (or estimate of how much effort it'll take), priority, deadline, tags, and one of 8 colors to set it apart from other tasks. To add more info, click on the top of a card and select the appropriate button to add sub-tasks, attachments, or comments, or to mark it as completed. Each item will show up directly on the task's card, so you can check off sub-tasks and view comments without clicking anything Or, click the search icon on a card for a full-screen editing page where you can focus just on one card and click workflow buttons at the top to move a task to the next part of its process.

As you're working, you'll likely need to discuss the project with your team. In AgileZen, you can do this with a basic chat tool. Just click the Discuss button and type your message, and anyone that's currently logged into AgileZen can see and respond to it in real-time. You can then summarize the project on its home page, view each part of the project in a spreadsheet-like table for quick sorting, or add filters to only view specific tasks at once.

Your project should be taking shape by now, with tasks organized into a workflow and your team focused on what needs done. Now, all you need is a simple way to keep track of what's been done and changed—and AgileZen has that with its notification settings. You can set it to send you an email, team chat message in HipChat, or an IM message in Google Talk, AIM, or ICQ whenever anything's done in your project.

With customizable workflows, notifications, and a built-in chat tool, AgileZen makes it easy to complete your projects without having to worry about anything getting neglected or left behind.

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AgileZen Features

  • Organize projects on customizable kanban-style boards
  • View tasks in a spreadsheet-style list
  • Visualize performance with graphs based on time tasks spend in each list
  • List information about projects and chat about them in real-time inside projects
  • Get notified about changes to tasks via email, IM, or team chat tools

AgileZen Pricing

  • Free plan for 1 project, 1 collaborator, and email notifications
  • Pay What You Want plan (~$3/month) for 20 projects, 20 collaborators, 20GB of file storage, and full features
  • $99/month Unlimited plan for unlimited projects, collaborators, and file storage

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AgileZen is a simple, visual, and collaborative way to manage your projects. Whether you're on a team or flying solo, AgileZen helps you stay organized and always know at a glance the tasks at hand.