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Agile CRM mention · January 18, 2018

The 10 Best CRMs for Small Business in 2018

Business is increasingly challenging, especially for small teams trying to keep up with larger competitors. You might not be able to match them on price or get your products in front of as many people. Your best advantage is that you can give your customers more of a personal more
Agile CRM mention · June 7, 2017

The 16 Best Free CRM Apps

Ever gotten on a call with someone, only to mispronounce their name or forget which company they work for? Perhaps you needed to email the finance team at a supplier, but can't remember who to contact? That's why you need a CRM or customer relationship manager. Like a more
Agile CRM update · April 20, 2017

New for Agile CRM: Automate Your Helpdesk Tickets

Expanding the Agile CRM-Zapier integration, you can now kick off workflows in your other apps from new tickets in Agile CRM. Create to-dos in your task management system, send messages to Slack or even ignite a nurturing flow. The update also adds the option to create a ticket in more
Agile CRM update · December 14, 2016

Agile CRM Updates: Trigger Zaps from Changing Deal Milestones

Deals are at the heart of your sales process, but keeping track of all the moving parts is a tricky balancing act. The newest update to the Agile CRM integration lets you trigger Zapier workflows whenever any deal milestone is changed (not just when a deal hits a specific milestone) more
Agile CRM update · July 22, 2015

Newly Updated Triggers and Actions for Agile CRM

For many of us, our CRM is our hub of activity. We track basic contact information, deals, milestones, even tasks. Agile CRM can help us keep all of that organized, and when connected to Zapier, you unlock the potential of getting data from all of the other apps you more
Agile CRM mention · November 26, 2014

The 25 Best Email Marketing Apps to Send Drip Campaigns

Email's crazy. Every new communication app claims to be an "email killer", and yet email outlives each one. Love it or hate it, you still likely check email first thing every morning, and pull your phone out every time it vibrates in your pocket with a new message. That's more
Agile CRM mention · October 2, 2014

Go All-In-One: 10 CRMs with Awesome Marketing Automation Features

Your potential customers are only potential customers for a fleeting period of time. They'll visit your site, perhaps try out your app, check out your menu or look through the services you offer. But if they get bored, can't decide what they need, or just don't see how your more
Agile CRM update · August 1, 2014

Connect Agile CRM to Hundreds of Apps with Zapier

Agile CRM, a customer relationship management tool packed with features beyond contact management, is now among Zapier's list of 325-plus connected apps! This amplifies the automation power of a CRM that is already integrated with several more

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